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Wheelchair Safety Melody

Elderly or infant care safety bell care device set A simple and practical wheelchair safety bell. The complete set of products includes: safety seat cushion, music host and fixed straps. 【The main function】 1. Fall warning bell 2. Call service ring [Patented] This product has been awarded patents in Japan and Taiwan, and has obtained EU CE/CB certification


【Wheelchair Safety Bell Functions and Features Description】 1. Safety cushion: The safety cushion of the wheelchair safety bell will automatically sound a warning bell when the patient falls, asking caregivers to come for assistance. 2. Service call bell: There is a service call bell on the main unit of the wheelchair safety bell. When the patient needs service, such as going to the toilet or needing help, he can actively press the call bell and ask for help. 3. Reduce the pressure on caregivers: When caregivers do not hear the bell, they can do other work with peace of mind. When they hear the bell, they can assist the patient, which can reduce the caregiverchar(39)s care pressure and increase work efficiency.

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