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Motion Monitoring System

The main function of this system: activity detection of the elderly, giving children and caregivers more peace of mind! The product includes: system software + hardware equipment (3 sensors + receiver + 4G sim card + 4G Router) ◆ Main function: Elderly activity detection This system uses 3 sensors to detect the activity status of the elderly. It can know how long the elderly has not moved, opened the door, or used the toilet. When there is no movement from the three sensors for more than a certain period of time, the cloud system will automatically send a line message to notify caregivers and related personnel! ◆ Emergency button function: If the elder feels uncomfortable, he or she can press the sensor on his or her body, and the cloud system will notify the caregiver and related personnel! When the relevant personnel receive the message, they can immediately call to care, understand the situation, and provide necessary follow-up support or rescue, which can avoid many regrettable incidents!


◆ Hardware equipment includes: - Sensor: Special power-saving design, containing button battery, which can last for 6 months. - Receiver: Can wirelessly receive the signal returned by the sensor within a radius of 15 meters.

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